The WFS WorldSTRONG Challenge:

Make yourself unstoppable


June 5 – July 16 (6 week Challenge)



This summer, WFS employees can test their physical strength by joining the WorldStrong Challenge! This 6-week challenge allows employees to compete against each other for the top score and set a benchmark to track their own progress over time. Each week, a new physical exercise or exercise circuit is highlighted as the “Challenge of the Week” and employees submit either their best time or maximum repetitions that week to win.

The exercises must be done at work and judged by a fellow coworker. Scores for each respective Challenge of the Week must be submitted on the last day of the designated challenge week. 

Top performers in each category will win prizes for the Challenge of the Week and gain an entry into a grand prize raffle. A top performer’s leader board will be published each week here.


WorldSTRONG General Rules:

  1. All active employees (full and part-time) may participate.
  2. Registrations for the challenge must be submitted no later than June 4th at midnight EST.
  3. All exercises must adhere to the exercise standards set by the Wellness for Life team.
  4. The Challenge of the Week must be completed at work and your exercises must be validated by a coworker. The coworkers' name will also be submitted on the score submission webpage.
  5. All final scores for each Challenge of the Week must be submitted on the webpage no later than the Sunday at midnight EST of each week. Submissions entered past this time will not qualify for Challenge of the Week Top Performers consideration but should you complete an exercise after the week, you are encouraged to log your score to create a benchmark for yourself.
  6. All participants who make the Challenge of the Week Top Performers list will receive a single entry into a grand prize raffle to be drawn at the conclusion of WorldSTRONG. Participants can continue to receive an additional entry for each week they are a Top Performer (up to six entries). 


Compete Divisions

There are 16 divisions you can compete in based on age group and exercise execution. Please view the “Standard” execution for all exercises in the videos we created on our Wellness for Life - Video Channel. Enter “Modified” division if your execution differs in style. 

Male (20-35)
Male (35-45)
Male (45-55)
Male (55+)
Female (20-35)
Female (35-45)
Female (45-55)
Female (55+)

Challenge of the Week

Challenge of the Week Rules:

  • During registration, you must express your intent for which weeks (exercises) you will submit scores.
  • To be a participant in WorldSTRONG, you must participate a minimum of one Challenge of the Week

The employee must complete the weekly workout for time (the fastest completion wins) or maximum repetitions completed:

 ExerciseMaximum Reps
Week 1 Maximum Push-ups (performance and modified) in 2 Minutes
Week 2 Maximum Squats (performance and modified) in 2 Minutes
Week 3 100 burpees (performance and modified) For best time
Week 4 1 mile / 1.6 km run (performance and modified) For best time
Week 5 25 squats, 25 push-ups (performance and modified) Four rounds for time
Week 6 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups, 10 squats (performance and modified) Ten rounds for time


We will only release the top 10 performers in each division. All Challenge of the Week winners will receive certificates of recognition.

Challenge of the Week Prize

The Top Performer in each division will be announced as the Challenge of the Week winner and will win a branded Wellness for Life prize. All names that appear on the top performers' list will be entered into a raffle to win the WorldSTRONG Champion prize.

WorldSTRONG Champion Prize

All Challenge of the Week Top Performers from each challenge week will enter into a raffle at the conclusion of the six weeks to win a grand prize. Once the raffle is complete, we will reward both two male and two female WorldSTRONG Champions to represent all age divisions and will be awarded the grand prize of an Apple TV.  Want to increase your chances to the WorldSTRONG Champion? Each time you appear on the Challenge of Week Top Performers list, your name will be entered into the raffle.



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What is WorldSTRONG?

WorldSTRONG is an exciting opportunity for WFS employees around the globe to challenge themselves and each other physically through weekly competitions. This innovative challenge was created in 2016 by the Wellness for Life team.

What is a Challenge of the Week?

In the Challenge of the Week, everyone is given a single exercise or an exercise circuit to perform. Everyone will also be given the same duration (a few minutes), number of rounds to complete, or a goal of achieving YOUR best time. If given a few minutes to complete for a challenge, participants will attempt to complete as many repetitions of the exercise as possible during the allotted time. If asked to complete a number of rounds, you will record your best (or fastest) completion time. When given a challenge and asked to perform for the best time, this specific challenge will allow you to set a goal for yourself and record your best (or fastest) completion time. The weekly challenges are designated prior to the WorldSTRONG competition’s overall start date.

Do I have to have the same coworker judge me for each challenge?

No. You can have a different coworker validate scores for each challenge. (But, we recommend you pick one coworker to help motivate you throughout the challenge!) Whenever you submit a score, you must also submit the validating coworker’s name, and the coworker may be contacted to validate your score(s).

Do I have to compete every week in order to be considered an “active participant”?

No. Pick and choose your challenges. To be an “active participant,” the minimum participation is one Challenge of the Week.

How do I submit my scores?

Submit your scores here via the WFL website.

Can I submit more than one score for a challenge?

Yes - we encourage multiple submissions!  The only one that will count towards the competition is the final score that you enter prior to the cutoff time.

Will my scores be published for everyone else to see?

Only the top scores will be shared with all participants here. We encourage you to participate in as many challenges as you like to create a fitness “baseline” for yourself. Compete again next year, and we will share your personal progress report with you.

What are the benefits of submitting a score if I don’t think I will place in the top?

There’s a really good reason: create a fitness baseline for yourself! Even if you are just beginning an exercise program, this baseline will allow you to later compare your progress from year to year. WFL will keep your information private and share your success with you only.